Authentic Recording

Located in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, Studio Divine is an original experience in music making, framed in the picturesque setting of the Northwest Cascade’s wild lands.

Legendary for it’s vast collection of rare recording equipment with a private vault of eclectic musical instruments, Studio Divine attracts those who want the “real thing” without limitations. It’s a full service facility, with world-class audio recording and production at its core. Featuring the latest in digital recording technology as well as one of the most desirable analog consoles ever made – the Neve 8038. The unique tracking facility operates out of a vintage church, and uses the main sanctuary for distinctive open-room recording. Using cutting-edge technology in it’s mixing room, Studio Divine features a Slate Digital Raven controller with hundreds of plug-ins including UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Izotope and Celemony in it’s Pro Tools 12 HDX system.

The exceptional experience at Studio Divine is enhanced by it’s convenience to downtown Ashland, Oregon. Just walking distance to the town’s famous Shakespeare Festival, Ashland boasts numerous downtown restaurants and bars featuring healthy organic specialties, home-crafted brews and locally grown wines.

Clients come from all over the world to immerse themselves in the creative alchemy at Studio Divine where musicians connect to the heart of inspiration.

Scenes from The Studio