Studio Booking

We require a 50% deposit (at the time of booking) to hold studio time. Booking is done on first-deposit, first-serve basis. The balance of the payment is due on the first day of the session.

Studio Cancellation

If a client has booked the studio and is holding the time in the schedule, we will charge them for the time, whether they show up or not.

Digital Media

We are not responsible for data storage of projects, short or long-term. We strongly advise clients to bring a hard drive to back up their sessions during their project. There will be additional charges if a client requests session back ups or file transfers after the session is over. We are not responsible for unrecoverable data, or loss of files.

Equipment Availability

Be sure to request items you want on your session. We cannot guarantee that a particular piece of equipment will be available for all sessions.

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Q: How much time will I need to record with Sylvia?

A: Several factors go into deciding how much time is needed for your session. These factors include instrumentation, song length, studio experience and playing ability. Sylvia will schedule as much time as she feels is necessary to make a high-quality, competitive recording that you and the rest of the world will love.

Q: Can I send files for Sylvia to mix?

A: Yes. The best way to send the files is through WeTransfer.com. We like this service because they do not require the sender to open an account.

Q: How do I prep files to send?

A: Please consolidate all the files in your song session into .wav files, with all the files starting from the same point. Make sure that if you have done any editing before-hand, that the edits have fades before consolidating.

Q: Can we mix on the Neve 8038 console?

A: Yes, however there will be additional costs involved for analogue mixing. It can be difficult to do revisions after the session is over, so if you attend and approve the mixes, you may not be able to do revisions.

Q: Is there an additional cost for mastering?

A: We do not do mastering, so yes, there will be an additional cost. We can recommend several great mastering houses to suit your budget.

Q: How will I receive my mixes?

A: Mixes will be sent to you digitally by email in a stereo interleaved .wav format, so you can listen to them on your own system. After approval, a set of final files will be sent to you digitally, so that you can forward them to your mastering engineer. Upon request we can also send a complete set of stem mixes.

Q: How do I ask for mix revisions when mixing long distance?

A: When mixing long distance, we schedule one round of revisions per song. So after you receive your mix, collect notes from all decision-makers in the group. Be careful to have a clear idea of the changes needed. Sometimes band members disagree about changes so it is best to work that out before asking for revisions. Then send a detailed email with the written revisions, or schedule a phone or skype call. Often it is better to have sent a written set of revisions before making a call.

Q: What if we need more mix revisions?

A: Depending on the needs of the project, more revisions may be included for no extra charge when mixing digitally, however multiple revisions will be costly for everyone, so you can expect an additional charge.

Q: Are there accommodations in Ashland, Oregon, if we come to record there?

A: Yes, there are several daily, weekly and monthly rentals in town, some within steps of the studios. Ashland is a vacation destination, so rentals and Air B&Bs are plentiful.

Q: Are there places to go in the Ashland area?

A: Ashland has a university and a world-famous Shakespeare theater company, so every night there are shows, plays, clubs and restaurants available, no matter what time of year.