Sylvia wows the audience with her sparkling personality and unforgettable demonstrations. She’ll win over a student group by lighting up a pickle or a lightbulb with a guitar amplifier, but there is a method to her madness. Once she’s got them, she’ll use that demonstration to explore and drive home the concepts of voltage types, amplification and impedance, while stressing the importance of the music being recorded. And she does it in a way that inspires everyone watching to explore the topics further on their own.

Sylvia Massy’s “Adventure Recording” is an impossible to forget presentation that will engage both new engineers and seasoned professionals.

Sylvia Massy - Recording Unhinged

Berklee School Of Music

Telefunken console in Sylvia Massy's book

Visiting Professorship

Sylvia is a professor-in-residence for week long seminars at the prestigious music school in Boston, Massachusetts and is developing an on-line course for students to learn “Unhinged” recording.


Mix With The Masters Masterclass

Sylvia Massy taught a roomful of attendees the fine art of recording with potatoes and kitchen appliances at Mix With The Masters

The Creme De La Creme Of Recording Workshops

Sylvia taught attendees the fine art of recording with potatoes and kitchen appliances while at Studio La Fabrique in Saint Remy De Province in France.

Lynda.com Documentary Film

Adventure Recording Explained

In this polished production from LinkedIn and Lynda.com, Sylvia describes her philosophy for making the best records, and walks through a typical day in her not-so-typical world. Joined by guitarist Jeff Pevar and singer / songwriter Bret Levick.

Full Sail Video Classroom

Telefunken console in Sylvia Massy's book

Sylvia At Full Sail

While at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Sylvia was joined by her manager Chris Johnson for an on-line video classroom and large lecture hall presentations.


Sylvia Massy lectured Bergan students at NOROFF

Norway Gets A Dose Of Recording Unhinged

Up in the beautiful town of Bergen, Norway, Sylvia spent time with students learning the skills of modern recording.

Castle Workshops

Telefunken console in Sylvia Massy's book

Castle Röhrsdorf Hosts In-Depth Workshops

In a classic setting outside of Dresden, Germany, Sylvia conducts workshops attended by people from all over the world. She shares her love for vintage audio with like-minded engineers of all genres in these exciting and fulfilling seminars.

NAMM Presentations

Telefunken console in Sylvia Massy's book

Mix With The Masters Live On The Convention Floor

Several times during the NAMM Convention in Los Angeles, Sylvia discussed recording and mixing techniques with an enthusiastic crowd of engineers. She took time to answer dozens of questions and sat for one-on-one discussions with students and professionals.

Oslo Workshops

Sylvia Massy taught a roomful of attendees the fine art of recording with potatoes and kitchen appliances at Mix With The Masters

Making Noise with the Nordic Crew

Good times with a killer group of engineers and producers, including Christer-André Cederberg and Christian Wibe from Animal Alpha and Alex Møklebust from Seigmen!!!

AES Mexico City Lectures

Sylvia Massy lectured crowds at Mexico City's SoundCheck

AES Hosts Sylvia at AES SoundCheck

Sylvia demonstrated unconventional recording techniques and inspired a crowd of over 400 audio engineers at the SoundCheck Convention in Mexico City.

Sweetwater Gearfest Book Event

Sylvia Massy Presentation at Sweetwater Gearfest

Workshop Demonstrations and Book Signing

In the main lecture hall at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sylvia shared her secrets for recording, told stories of working with Johnny Cash and talked about the equipment she loves including Mojave Microphones.

Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences

CRAS Workshop Event With Sylvia Massy

CRAS Hosts a Day with Sylvia

At the prestigious Conservatory in Gilbert, Arizona, Sylvia conducted an intimate master class sharing her unconventional methods, then conducted a Q&A session in the main lecture hall in front of over 300 students.

NARAS P&E Wing Northwest Chapter Event

NARAS Northwest Chapter Sylvia Massy Event

Adventure Recording at London Bridge Studios

At the legendary London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Sylvia showed a group of engineering professionals her adventurous style of recording, then spent the evening at a meet-and-greet event with the Northwest Chapter of NARAS.