Wizard guitar amp
Darkglass Microtubes bass amp
1969 Ampeg SVT bass amp (Stones)
70's Ampeg SVT bass amp
60's Ampeg 8x10 bass cab
90's Ampeg 8x10 bass cab
60's Marshall 4x12 slant cab
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL amp
Marshall JCM800 amp
Matchless DC-30 combo amp
Rivera Knucklehead Tre' amp
Roland JC-120 combo amp
Fathead combo amp (predecessor to Bullhead)
Mesa 4x10 bass cab
Mesa 4x12 slant cab
Mesa 4x12 straight cab
Mesa Boogie amp - Triple Rec Solo
Krank bass head
Krank bass 8x10 cab
Laney Klipp amp
Acoustic Tuned Tube amp TTG combo amp
Airline Model #G2-9022A combo amp
Emery amp
Emery 2x12 cab
Fender 60’s blackface Champ combo amp
Gibson GA-6 combo amp
GK bass amp R13 200
Guya-tone GA-2405 combo amp
Kay combo amp
Maestro Danelectro Combo
Magnatone Hawaiian combo amp
Piggy combo amp - Model PS-SOAD
Randall head
Tone Tubby cab
Warwick amp and cab


Gretsch White Falcon guitar
Gretsch Broadcaster guitar
Gretsch Anniversary - puke green 1995
Fender Strat “Camille” orange 1979
Fender Strat gold 1964
Fender12-string acoustic guitar 1965
Gibson Flying-V guitar 2002
Gibson SG w/Bigsby 1973
Ampeg scroll-top bass 1965
Warwick Corvette 5-string bass 2005
Fender Jazz Bass sparkle 1995
National Triolian resonator guitar 1925
Guild 12-string guitar 1995
Martin HD28 acoustic 2002
Fender Geminii acoustic 1990
Schecter 5-string bari gtr 2000
Carvin 5-string fretless bass
Cebu guitar
Cello Knilling Brand
East German Violin
Cello student model
Danelectro 12-string teardrop gtr
Samick mandolin
German mandolin
Stand-up string bass
Banjo - Johnson