AES Mexico Presentation

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Back from an exciting trip to Mexico City, where Sylvia got an enthusiastic crowd of 250 convention-goers excited about recording with potatoes, lightbulbs and power drills.

Electronic Musician Interview and Cover

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Just in time for NAMM, Sylvia was interviewed for an article in Electronic Musician. Find the complimentary issues at the NAMM Convention in Los Angeles and look for the magazine in the Grammy P&E Wing Party’s goodie bag this year. And one other thing, Sylvia illustrated the cover!

Far From Alaska Ready To Mix

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Sylvia, Chris Johnson and Ivan Handwerk said farewell to the members of Brazil’s Far From Alaska. The three week project wrapped on Friday night with pizza and drinks at the band’s pad in Ashland. The mixes will come fast and furious this week!

Audio Icons Coloring Books!

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Hal Leonard has released two Recording Unhinged coloring books, featuring the artwork from the popular book by Sylvia and Chris Johnson, including the “Audio Icons” coloring book featuring all the heroes from the studio world. Available through or the Hal Leonard Publishing website.

Nominated For A TEC Award

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The Recording Unhinged book was nominated for a TEC Award for “Best Educational Technology”. A first for publisher Hal Leonard. Chris and I are honored and very proud of our book project. The TEC Awards show was fabulous, and although we did not receive the statue in our category, we enjoyed the night and look forward to trying again next year!

Hangin’ with Quincy Jones

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11947751_10155943653190024_7963717783633585653_o SM: Spent the evening with the stars at the Pensado Awards at the Sony lot in Los Angeles this past weekend… Dave and Herb had me join them as co-host of the event. Great crowd, around 900 folks. Giants in the industry including the big Q.  

Submarine Bass Recording!

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SM: During the One Hundred And First album, we recorded bass in an actual submarine in Bergen, Norway!!! Yes, for real. Thank you to Per Sundet, our trusty engineer. What a session!

IMG_7161 copy IMG_7177 copy IMG_7170 copy   IMG_7167 copy

The submariner crew…. Tom Anker, Giuliano, Andreas, Andre, Per, Stephan, and our illustrious filmmaker and military host. 🙂

IMG_7183 copyIMG_7154 copy

Paypal Film With Andrew House

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Filmmaker Andrew House and crew Rak came to the new studio in Ashland, Oregon to speak to Sylvia about her production technique and how she manages projects for a Paypal presentation.


Soilwork Gets Strings

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Sylvia and viola virtuoso Morgan O’Shaughnessey did elaborate string arrangements for the Soilwork song Dolores for a special release due this fall.

Johnny Depp and Pink Grenade

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Very excited to have arranged string parts and to have mixed several Pink Grenade tracks featuring Johnny Depp. Strings by the Morganotron Strings, with the fabulous Morgan O’Shaughnessey.

Mixing Die So Fluid

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Had a great time with Die So Fluid on “Comets”. Ian Rickard and I mixed the track on the vintage Neve to give it that sweet and spicy flavour. Oh yeah!!!!

Cage The Elephant Mix

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Just finished a big noisy mix of Cage The Elephant’s “Wire” to be released with their latest single. Ian Rickard was essential as mix engineer.

Facing New York !

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IMG_4532Ricky Reed, Omar and Brandon are in the second day of tracking for their new release. They have some crazy sounds going on. Ian has a drum room mic going into a Big Muff.

Studio Bird !!!

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1522274_10151993305572933_2089489209_n Her name is Sugar. She used to live at the studio. She was loud messy, and fun. Now she enjoys life on the golf course, riding around in a cart with her new owners (when the weather allows…).

Lovin’ the AT mics!

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SM: I had a chance to try some different Audio Technica mics that I had not used before. One was the AT 5040, which has four connected rectangular diaphragms…. really unusual. Sounds great on vocals and acoustic guitar. Cardioid pattern condenser. The other mic is the ATM450, a fixed side-address mic that works perfectly for hi-hat… I bet it would be a great choice for other cymbals too… and so easy to use in a drum kit. Wonderful!!!

          ATM450Reduced     AT 5040