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LA Weekly

Sylvia Massy is featured as one of the top 5 women record producers in the world according to LA Weekly

The Top 5 Producers

Sylvia is featured in an article about women music producers in the world's recording industry. Read the article by Katie Bain.

Recording Unhinged

the Burning Organ from the Lady Strangelove recording sessions with Sylvia Massy

Hot Noize

SM: During the Lady Strangelove sessions, we sacrificed an old Hammond organ to the Studio Gods. Visit the "Recording Unhinged" page to see more of the unconventional techniques used to get the most remarkable recordings!

Sessions by Sylvia

Lavish Green recorded with Sylvia Massy at the Weed Palace Theater

Lavish Green

Sylvia produces music, click on contacts page above to find out more!

Featured Canvas

  • Peacockcr

  • Firebirdcr

  • Heronscr

Bird Painting Series

Check out Sylvia's latest acrylics on her "Paintings" page... Click here!