The Theater

Where Heaven And Earth Meet

 The Weed Palace Theater is the setting that inspires great musical performances. It’s a vintage vaudeville Theater that’s been converted into a recording studio. Located in one of the most beautiful regions on earth, the studio hides in plain sight on Main St in the sleepy ghost-town of Weed California. It’s a place of both harmony and dissonance. The other-worldly presence of Mt Shasta pours it’s maniacal energy over everything. The best water in the world flows freely from the spigots. The presence of spirits and aliens suddenly seems completely within reason. Strange and wonderful things happen here, demons are released, magic is made.


Sylvia’s Weed Palace Theater is currently in transition, with a new owner / partner moving in to take over the business. Stay tuned for exciting news from Weed, including new equipment, services and an expanded group of music industry professionals with far-reaching goals!

Sylvia Massy has a studio in Mount Shasta

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