The Melvins At The Village

Sylvia Massy had a studio in Mount Shasta

As part of her Mix With The Masters series, Sylvia recorded The Melvins in Studio A at the Village Studios in Santa Monica, California. The session was full of hoses, drills, swim noodles, cheese sausages, pickles and light bulbs... and yes, that was all for the recording!

Session Highlights

SM: Here are photos and stories from some of the most memorable sessions I’ve been a part of. Some I produced, some I engineered, some I just provided the studio. Below is a photo of Rick Rubin, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Marty Stuart, with me and engineer Greg Fidelman in the background, from the recording of Johnny’s “Unchained” at Sound City Studios. Photo by Martyn Atkins.

JohnnyCashSession copy

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