Music Production


Recording Studio Veteran

As a veteran of the music industry, Sylvia has haunted the recording studios of the world, connecting with both young and established musicians. Her discography includes a wide variety of musical styles, from indie rock to dance to pop to country to R&B to metal, never being pigeon-holed.

Best known as the record producer, mixer and/or engineer for the groundbreaking rock artists Tool and System Of A Down, and as industry icon Rick Rubin’s engineer for several years; Sylvia Massy’s career has touched nearly every aspect of the music industry from composing, recording, production, promotion, manufacturing, retail sales, performance, journalism, radio, and festival development.

Working with Sylvia is a completely unique recording experience. Sylvia opens doors for select projects, helping musicians immerse themselves in unconventional creative environments with astounding results.

Sylvia’s New Asland, Oregon Digs

Look for future posts about Sylvia’s new recording space, now on-line. The new space features all the great recording equipment and expertise Sylvia is known for:

Studio equipment includes: Sound City Neve 8038 console with 1073 EQs, Telefunken U47 microphone, Universal Audio 175b compressors, Gates Sta-Level compressors, Urei 1176 compressor, Urei LA-3A compressors, DBX 160 compressors, GML stereo EQ, Aengus graphic EQs, API 550A and 560 EQs and much more!


Sound City

Say Hello to the Neve 8038!

SM: My old friend, the Neve 8038 console, started its American residency in Sound City's B room. I had it shipped over from CTS Studios in London to Sound City where it lived and worked for 7 years, on projects including Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Crowes, Sheryl Crowe, Smashing Pumpkins, Johnny Cash and Lenny Kravitz.