Music Production

Sylvia works towards developing the qualities that make the artist unique. She is known for breaking sound barriers, recognizing when a musician has something completely different to offer.

Sylvia is a music fan above all else. She is passionate and honest about her love of the songs, and works hard to understand exactly what the artist is trying to achieve. If it’s a commercial venture, then Sylvia will make the production as competitive as possible. If the intention is for the production to be a work of art, Sylvia will provide endless colors for the artist’s pallet.

Another note about Sylvia’s productions – They will be memorable when you hear them and the experience will be unforgettable in the studio as the recordings are being made. Part of her philosophy of record making is to create memories that are imprinted into the music. She does this by recording in unusual places, using non-traditional instruments or introducing ideas that the musicians would not come up with themselves.


Sylvia is current with the latest technology, and runs a “dream” high-end digital mix rig in her personal studio. She is working with Waves, Slate Digital and UA to improve plug-in software and to create new tools for recording and mixing. These relationships translate into cutting-edge mixing for studio clients. Sylvia can mix entire album projects for label release, or can do individual mixes as needed, with easy digital recall for revisions and alternate versions. Clients receive mastering-ready files with stems for performance.


Sylvia maintains her analogue mixing skills by offering Neve / Flying Faders mix work when a client decides to go for a authentic analogue sound and feel. A day mixing in the Neve room is a day to appreciate the wisdom of the old school electronics, and Sylvia invites clients to sit in on the process.

Mixing On The Neve

Say Hello to the Neve 8038

This Neve 8038 console started its American residency in Sound City's B room, shipped over from CTS Studios in London. It lived and worked at Sound City for nearly a decade, on projects including Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Crowes, Sheryl Crowe, Smashing Pumpkins, Johnny Cash and Lenny Kravitz. Now operating out of a church facility in Ashland, Oregon.