Hard Music Playlist

61Xz6+JksyL._SS500_Mankind Is Obsolete “Parasite”

Tool - UndertowTool “Four Degrees”

Powerman 5000Powerman 5000 “When Worlds Collide”

System Of A DownSystem Of A Down “Darts”

Beavis And Butthead soundtrackRed Hot Chili Peppers “Love Rollercoaster”

CogCog “Anarchy OK”

314RTFEGQ7L._SL500_AA240_Lollipop Lust Kill “Personal Jesus”

Tool - OpiateTool “Sweat”

00c2a2c008a0630f5bd42010.L._SL500_AA240_Stompbox “No Woods”

61Q2eApbRML._SS500_Showbread “Industrial”

515qBc8d6HL._SS500_Acroma “Don’t Think Just Move”

51KJG6modZL._SS500_Chyshuga “Pigtails”

HotLavaHot Lava Monster “Fever”

51SbFgCwnsL._SS500_Godhead “The Puppet”