Alterno-Country Playlist

The Legend of Johnny CashJohnny Cash “I’ve Been Everywhere”

      Johnny Cash- IveBeenEverywhere

dirty12x17_400sqOne-Eyed Doll “Clean”


patchysanders2Patchy Sanders “Ancient Ancestry”

      Ancient Ancestry - Patchy Sanders

51ENreXekXL._SS500_Basic Rock Outfit “Flowers”


61A1LIP2zWL._SS500_The Cliks “Emily”

      TheCliks-Emily-Mastered - The Cliks

Johnny Cash - UnchainedJohnny Cash “The One Rose”


51Q+sOOy1IL._SS500_Tom Petty “Climb That Hill”

      Tom Petty - Climb That Hill - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
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