Client Testimonials

Sylvia, working with you is up there with food, sex, and snorkeling as among the greatest pleasures in my life! (Has anyone ever compared you to snorkeling before? Worlds of wonder, both.) It’s amazing to witness your creative genius and participate in expressing it.
Stephanie Lee (strings) “Pink Grenade”, “Castles In Spain”, “My Glorious”, etc.

I think the “Beauty In Aggression” album is a massive piece of art and that is thanks to you my friend. Lucky Lew had a magical time in Weed and would like to send all our love back to the mountains 🙂
Havard Saetravik “Lucky Lew”

Hey Sylvia, first I just wanted to say that your work is absolutely unbelievable. Thank you so much for how great you are making these songs sound.
Mike Smith “Pink Grenade”

I often think about those few weeks we spent with you. I had such a great time at Radiostar and it has really had an enduring influence on me. I’ve been fortunate to have had many really amazing opportunities to work with some of my musical heros, play big shows/festivals, and record in great studios with all kinds of people, but that time in Weed will always be a standout for me.
Niall Anderson “Mojada”

Thank you! Recording with Sylvia at RadioStar Studios was one of the most fulfilling experience’s I’ve ever had as a musician! To actually feel in our music, through listening what I feel while playing is absolutely fantastic! Playing in a studio setting has never been this comfortable, and I felt that RadioStar was genuinely in tune with us and our music. Living in the studio also gave us time as a group to reconnect with ourselves, and provided an intimate setting for us to better perform our music. I can’t wait to work with RadioStar again! Thank you so much for the opportunity you’ve given us. We are forever grateful!
Sincerely, David Bryant “Aggressive Persuasion”

I think about coming back out there more than you know. I found a certain focus and serenity out there that I haven’t found elsewhere. For reals.
Scott VanFossen “Fighting Zero”

I was lucky enough to work with Sylvia a few years ago. She was fantastic! A group of us who had been in small studios before arrived at Radiostar and were overwhelmed, but she made us feel right at home. We walked into the massive live room and then the control rooms and had no idea what we were doing. She sat us down and made us feel as though we belonged. She gave us a tour of the whole complex, she made us feel like it was no big deal that we were working with gear that recorded some of our heroes, she made us feel like we deserved to be there.
Once we started working, Rich Veltrop, our engineer, was fantastic. He worked with us on every aspect of the album (with Sylvia’s guidance, naturally) and together the two of them turned our small project into something that rivalled the best music on the radio. The team Sylvia put together was incredible. Our little indie band from north of Toronto suddenly felt like we were on par with the biggest bands in the world.
Sylvia Massy has been my favourite producer since I first heard Undertow and Clodhopper, but working with her proved to me that it wasn’t just incredibly talented bands that make great records, she used everything she had to take great ideas and make them into some of of the best albums ever recorded.
Brandon E. Savage “Awaking State”

The time we had in Weed was a fantastic experience and we’re looking forward to coming to the States again!
Paul “My Glorious”

Radiostar Studios.. You might as well call it “The world’s best recording facility.” I’m not sure what I like better, the recording (which would rival any big name cd you’ve got in your player), the people (who know more about the music industry, recording, production, and “how to get there” than The Beach Boys know about surf music), or maybe the TOP OF THE LINE equipment (so even hack job guitarists’ like myself have the chance to sound like a star), ohh and did I mention enough gear to fill.. well, half a block in Weed California, and if I continued to tell you all the stellar things about Radiostar I’d get writers cramp. So check it out.. See for yourself.. This place is AMAZING..
Deuce Wanier  “EMBER”

Our time in Weed was wonderful. You’ve got an awesome and rare thing happening there and we’re very thankful we had the chance to cut our record there.
Mike Schaming  “Hot Lava Monster”
I could go on and on about how much fun we all had.. and how we are ALREADY itching to come back.. Thanks so much for an AWESOME time.. and an even better recording... You two helped us find "our" sound... thanks a million... hell... thanks BILLIONS  *wink* :)
A.J. Fields "Watchdogs"
Sylvia, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you so I wanted to email a big hug and say thank you so much for everything that you did for me while I was there.  I was just telling a friend of mine how amazing the experience of my first record was, and how great the people are there in Weed.  I learned so much from you and had a great time doing it.  I don’t know how to say how thankful I am for your help and your patience.  You and everyone there are so awesome and I can’t wait for the second record. Again, thank you so much.
Peace. Steve Oliver  “Midnight to Twelve”

Good times, good sessions, good vibes:-)
Solvor Nataas  “Furia”

My whole reason for bringing the band to you was your reputation for delivering hits and to leave RadioStar with 1 solid commercially acceptable song capable of catching the ear of the recording industry and re-launching the band on a successful professional career path . You delivered!
Mark Weber Manager “Here II Here”

Hey Sylvia and Kale     Thank you both for the time and effort and love you put into our album. Weed (and especially Radiostar) was such a cool place to record. Just looking at the vintage gear alone was worth the trip. It was great to have a place for all of us to stay together for the whole recording so that we could focus completely on it. Plus Cecil and Kale make the best coffee drinks imaginable. We are still trying to figure who this callaie guy is and when he is going to release  Boys Cry A Lot...
tim  “Re:Ignition"

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the time we spent up there recording was some of the best memories I have as a band. Flippin sweet!!! Your awesome!
Jon Hartman “Midnight To Twelve”

I hope we will be able to do another session with you, for me that was among the best weeks I’ve ever had and I am so proud of what we accomplished!
Dave Criss “February 5th”

It has always been an honor to have met you and worked with you!!
Kostas Ladapoulos “81db”
Was listening to the mink record yesterday in the car – the tones are huge !!
Very special life experience that was – forever grateful !!
Nick Maybury “Mink”