Sylvia will produce your project from rough demos to finished, competitive masters. For productions in studios other than Studio Divine, Sylvia’s lodging and travel are also covered by the client.

Hire the engineer who worked with Prince for years and recorded Johnny Cash for Rick Rubin. Sylvia has worked in studios around the world, and often knows more about the gear than the studio owner. For productions in studios other than Studio Divine, Sylvia’s lodging and travel are also covered by the client.

Sylvia’s mixes have a reputation for exploding out of the speakers. Think Red Hot Chili Peppers “Love Rollercoaster” or Johnny Cash “I’ve Been Everywhere.” On her home turf, she has the luxury of mixing on her personal rig or on the legendary Neve console at Studio Divine, or she might instead take a hybrid analog/digital approach depending on what best suits the song.

Flat rate mixes includes two revisions with phone or Skype discussions. Or have Sylvia work at her daily rate, and get into the mixing minutia.

Analog mixes on the Neve with Flying Faders, hybrid mixes and client attended mixes may incur additional costs. Stems printed by request.

(Sylvia has temporarily discontinued Song Consultation Services because of an extremely busy travel schedule. Please check back!)

College and University Presentations
$800-$2000 per day
Sylvia visits your school, and delivers a full day of education. She arrives with multimedia presentations and the specific gear needed for her demonstrations. A typical day might include classroom sessions, one-on-one consultations with students, and a presentation in a large lecture hall. The itinerary for each day is carefully planned in advance to best suit the particular institution.

Workshops and Seminars
$2000 per day
From a one day event to a week long seminar, this is where you get the most from your experience with Sylvia. You arrange for the studio, musicians and schedule and book your own attendees. Sylvia arrives and wows them with her unconventional techniques. For the longer duration seminars, Sylvia can be scheduled to spend one-on-one time with each attendee, quick mixing their individual projects and personally mentoring them. Each seminar is different, so advance planning and consultation with Sylvia’s team is an important first step.

Personal Instruction
$1000-$2000 per day
Sylvia invites engineers and producers to come to Studio Divine to learn the art of recording. She tailors the lesson to what the client needs, and will provide musicians for the demonstration if needed.

Skype Q&A
Sylvia will spend an hour with your class talking about the role of producer with advice for careers in the industry, and will answer any questions the group might have.