Official Recording Unhinged Release!

Visit the most innovative music industry professionals in a special book about the unexpected side of recording. With fascinating photos, outrageous stories, clever tips and tricks - immortalized in a full color hard-bound volume. Contributors include Hans Zimmer, Al Schmitt, Jack Joseph Puig, Bruce Swedien, Geoff Emerick, George Massenburg, Bob Clearmountain, Tchad Blake, Bob Ezrin, Linda Perry, Dave Pensado, Eric Valentine and many others.

Adventures In Recordingland

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RECORDING UNHINGED – Creative And Unconventional Recording Techniques

Now available, a recording book like none other! It’s a volume loaded with memorable quotes, fascinating ideas and inspirational stories from the netherworld of music recording. The book includes dozens of never-released historic photos, including many from Sylvia’s personal archive of candid session Polaroids.

The book also features Sylvia’s enchanting illustrations- impossibly detailed pieces that are laced with zany humor and sharp wit. This is the book that finds a way to entertain, educate and inspire. It leaves the reader burning to test the limits of their next recording session. Drawing on her storied career (30 years and counting) in the music industry, Sylvia includes selected interviews and quotes from distinguished musicians, producers, engineers and other studio critters.

Released by Hal Leonard Publishing, Recording Unhinged debuts at NAMM 2016.

With Illustrations By Sylvia

Chapter illustration for Sylvia Massy's book

More than just words and pictures!

Recording Unhinged showcases Sylvia's elaborately detailed illustrations. Here is a sneak preview of a pen and ink rough-draft of a chapter panel. Can you spot the celebrity faces?

Who Is Sylvia?

Sylvia Massy is one of the few women recognized as a top-notch Music Producer. She has collected almost 30 gold and platinum records and worked with artists such as Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie and Sublime. Sylvia was also an engineer for Rick Rubin on some of his most treasured projects. Known for her unique recording style and first-hand knowledge of vintage recording equipment, she often records on her classic Neve 8038 console. Feel free to explore this web site for more information about Sylvia and her projects.

Crazy Cool Gear

Telefunken console in Sylvia Massy's book

Discover Gear You've Never Seen Before!

Like... What The Heck Is This????

Inspiring Locations

Church in Sylvia Massy's book

Discover Places You've Never Been Before!

Like... Where The Heck Is This????

Informative Diagrams

Guitar Recording in Sylvia Massy's book

Learn Techniques You've Never Tried!

Like... What Does This Do????

Just Plain Weird

Guitar Recording in Sylvia Massy's book

Yeah, Butt It Works!

Like Um... Why????

You Can Build It!

Capitol Sylvia

Do-It-Yourself Instructions

Need a new microphone? Got an old telephone maybe? This book challenges your skills with unique "How-To" diagrams for building your own one-of-a-kind gear.

Unforgettable Studio Experiences

Burn Baby Burn!

In Sylvia's world there is more than just knobs and wires... there's smoke, fire, explosions, mayhem and unbridled creativity.

Studio Tales

Ian Rickard dresses the part during One-Eyed Doll's session with Sylvia Massy

Expect The Unexpected

You never know what might happen in the studio.... One minute you're an engineer, the next you're a dinosaur!

Outside The Box

Cave Verb

Recording In A Cave?

Don't settle for someone else's "method." With stories and technique from the greats, Recording Unhinged helps you find your own groove.