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Econoline Crush In Progress

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After a challenging few weeks of tracking, the glorious new Econoline Crush record is in the mixing cue. Trevor Hurst is on vocals and Ziggy Sigmund is back on guitar. (pictured here)

Red Sun Rising “Uninvited” Video Release

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In anticipation of recording their second album, Red Sun Rising released this cover of Alanis Morrisette’s “Uninvited” that they recorded with Sylvia. As part of the promotion they released this somewhat disturbing video. >Spoiler Alert< There is a naked girl in the video. Totally naked...

AES Mexico Presentation

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Back from an exciting trip to Mexico City, where Sylvia got an enthusiastic crowd of 250 convention-goers excited about recording with potatoes, lightbulbs and power drills.

Electronic Musician Interview and Cover

Written by sylvia on . Posted in Music

Just in time for NAMM, Sylvia was interviewed for an article in Electronic Musician. Find the complimentary issues at the NAMM Convention in Los Angeles and look for the magazine in the Grammy P&E Wing Party’s goodie bag this year. And one other thing, Sylvia illustrated the cover!

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