Motorcycle Girl

Sylvia Massy had a studio in Mount Shasta

This canvas was a gift to EveAnna Manley of Manley Laboratories, who is truly the "Motorcycle Girl".


Canvas, Page And Screen

Massy’s diverse artwork covers a panorama of styles – from painted landscapes, stylized fantasy on canvas, pen and ink, cartoon animation, as well as commercial applications for posters and CD covers. She designed and illustrated the cover for Lisa Haley’s “King Cake” album in 2006, which was nominated for a Grammy (she also produced the music for the album).

  • Peacockcr

  • Firebirdcr

  • Heronscr

Mini Paintings

Sylvia Massy paints unusual subject matter

Golden Beetle

SM: This mini canvas was a gift for my dear friend Lauren Burke, who spent countless hours working on the 2012 Festival.

Featured Canvas

Sylvia Massy is an unconventional music producer and painter


Sylvia painted this flying eyeball during the Blood Party sessions. It was given to drummer Paul Wilson at the end of the sessions.