She spent years as an unseen force in the world of music production and built her resume with legendary acts such as Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, System of a Down, Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. When the music business was at it’s peak, there was exactly one girl in LA with a Neve 8038 console and a room at Sound City. Meet Sylvia Massy.

Sylvia’s recent book “Recording Unhinged” was a hit. She quickly followed it up with two coloring books of her own original artwork. Her recent music productions include heavyweight acts such as The Melvins, Avatar and Red Sun Rising. She’s won acclaim as an educator with Berklee, Mix with the Masters, SAE Europe, Lynda and has lectured at dozens of Universities. And she has wowed audiences with entertaining do-it-yourself videos on her YouTube Channel.

Radiant, accessible, spontaneous and always testing the limits, meet Sylvia, your tour guide to the unconventional side of music production. She’s also your life coach for the worthy ideal of living art as a 24/7 lifestyle.


Mix With The Masters Deconstructing Film

What Is A Producer?

Adventure Recording Explained

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Billy Corgan And Rick Rubin At Sound City

Melvins At The Village

Smashing Pianos With Tool

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Guitar Turntable Technique

Recording In A Salt Mine

Glowing Pickle Filter Experiments

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Book Collection

NAMM debuts Sylvia Massy's book

Written and illustrated by Sylvia and Chris Johnson, this book tells you everything you shouldn't know about recording music. Get safety glasses, rubber boots and check your health insurance, and get ready for adventure recording!

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Music Vault

Wheel Of Fortune

Special Tracks

Here is a rare track recorded during Prince's "Graffiti Bridge" sessions. The artist is Ingred Chavez, and the song is "Crystal City Cry" - a special mix Sylvia made for Prince.

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Photo Gallery

NAMM debuts Sylvia Massy's book

Images From Behind The Curtain

Here are special images from Sylvia collection, including the great Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Tool, Sublime, Beastie Boys, Chili Peppers, The Melvins, System Of A Down, etc.

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Art Collection

NAMM debuts Sylvia Massy's book

Loud Colors

From motorcycle girls to pterodactyls, Sylvia is an accomplished illustrator, designer and painter. Visit the gallery and browse through some of her favorite works.

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