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Meet Sylvia!

SylviaWebPic2The unconventional producer, artist, writer, and educator. 

Sylvia Massy has been Producing, Engineering and Mixing popular music for decades. She’s renowned for her work with Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash and Prince. She’s received over 25 gold and platinum records including awards for her work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sevendust and Tom Petty. She’s also an accomplished fine artist, a published columnist, in-demand educator and relentless entrepreneur. But to her many friends, she’s just Sylvia, the Radiant Being.

Welcome to Sylvia’s world. Thank you for visiting!

Unconventional Recording Book

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  • Michael Beinhorn
  • Susam Rogers
  • Elliot Scheiner
  • Jim Messina
  • James Saez

"Recording Unhinged" Book Debut

With contributions from the top producers and artists in the music industry, Sylvia and Chris Johnson co-authored this book about unusual recording techniques.

Sessions From Heaven

Billy Corgan / Rick Rubin at Sound City

In Studio B at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, Sylvia recorded Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins with Rick Rubin producing. Here is a snippet of that moment in the studio. That is the same Neve 8038 console that followed Sylvia up to her studio formerly in Weed, California.

WEM Lands In Ashland

Sylvia Massy on Pensado's Place

Gear Love

A new addition to the Ashland, Oregon studio where Sylvia works... a Watkins-built WEM live sound mixing board, circa 1970....

This live mixing console once belonged to Alvin Lee of the UK band Ten Years After, and may have a colorful history. Sylvia and Chris Johnson are currently researching it's roots and uncovering resources to fully restore it.

Pensado’s Place

Sylvia Massy on Pensado's Place

Sylvia on the set with Dave and Herb

While visiting Los Angeles for AES, Sylvia got to be on Pensado's Place with Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick. Sylvia used to work with Dave back in the day at Larrabee Sound, so the interview for the show was lively and fun!

Recording Unhinged

the Burning Organ from the Lady Strangelove recording sessions with Sylvia Massy

Hot Noize

SM: During the Lady Strangelove sessions, we sacrificed an old Hammond organ to the Studio Gods. Visit the "Recording Unhinged" page to see more of the unconventional techniques used to get the most remarkable recordings!

Featured Canvas

  • Peacockcr

  • Firebirdcr

  • Heronscr

Bird Painting Series

SM: These paintings came out of a need to re-invent myself in 2012. My friend Tina Angermeir from Invisible Animals gave me the tools, a box of acrylic paints. My friend Lauren Burke sat me down and made me start. It has changed my view on everything. See more on the "Paintings" page.

Gear Made Of Drugs

Sylvia Massy uses Tone Tubby speakers made from hemp

Tone Tubby

Forget that Marshall - check out the fabulous Tone Tubby cab! The crazy Marin County characters at Tone Tubby make speakers out of hemp and build these sweet, solid cabs that sound crazy beautiful!

Video Addict

Midnight To Twelve

It is all about the coffee in this Folgers-inspired music video based on M212's song "Good Morning Again"! Shot in the old RadioStar Studio C, directed by Sylvia, edited by Ron Carelton.

See this and other Sylvia-produced videos on the "Watch" pages!

Featured Celebrity Pic

Sonny Moore the artist known as Skrillex


SM: He was once known as Sonny Moore, leader of the band From First To Last on Epitaph Records. Now he is the Grammy-winning artist Skrillex who wears horn-rimmed glasses and has half a head of hair. I shot this picture while Sonny was in the theater working with infamous producer Ross Robinson. Still all the hair, always extra cool.

Featured Canvas

Sylvia Massy is an unconventional music producer and painter


Sylvia painted this flying eyeball during the Blood Party sessions. It was given to drummer Paul Wilson at the end of the sessions.

Studio Plasma

Sylvia Massy loves her coffee, here's a cup that she madei

Coffee Coffee Coffee

SM: So what is left when you've sworn off drugs and alcohol? The answer is drink lots of coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee. I take my coffee very seriously. I have big expensive contraptions to make the black oily brew, and a whole bar of flavored syrups. I know where to get the best damn beans in every town. And I have recipes for the most potent Latte's in the land.

Click here to see my whole world of coffee. That's how I get high.

Movie Placement


"Vile" Horror Film

SM: Over-the-top band The Flood, out of Seattle, Washington, got a song we did together placed in this awesome horror movie... in fact in the very last scene, after the bad guy drags a body out of his car, he hears The Flood on the radio and says "I love this song". The track runs over the entire end credits! Congrats to The Flood!

Recording Unhinged


Maynard J. Keenan of Tool

SM: During the recording of Tool's "Undertow" album, we took some liberties with an old piano and a shotgun. After that we got slegehammers. The rest is legendary. Check out the videos on the "Inside The Studio" page.

From The Vault

Wheel Of Fortune

Ingrid Chavez

SM: "Crystal City Cry" is an unreleased mix track from the Prince sessions. It was one of those coffee-jacked, all-night-type mixes. He was extremely hard to read, but I think His Royal P-Ness really liked it! But not enough for the album... oh well.